Amongst our Library are numerous collections, we have rare manuscripts documenting the history and cultures of the East. These describe life in Persia, Greece, China, Japan and Korea during the past hundred years. We have anything from personal papers, lands, marriage deeds to old maps, diplomats, scientists, and very special pieces which normally are unavailable in the Public Museum from the 17th century to the present date.

The library contains around 150,000 books and other objects, in addition to microfiches, microfilms, maps, newsletters, sound recordings and congress reports. There is also an important pictorial collection of more than 150,000 photographs and other material.

Every aspect of anthropology is covered, including cultural and social anthropology with a strong emphasis on material culture and art, archaeology, some biological and medical anthropology and linguistics, together with such related fields as history, sociology, description and travel.

The collection covers the whole world, but is particularly strong on Persian, Oriental, European Greece and Russian object and currently are engaged to collect items on British Empire before 1st World War. Anthropological Museum and Encyclopaedia Centre of Eastern is a collection where has endeavoured to introduce various dimensions of Islamic art and culture and to reflect initiative of Muslims who create works represent their spiritual love and fond to Holly Quran and religious books.

This centre has embarked to print and publish ancient manuscripts and all related contexts of the museum after collecting them from various parts of the universe to prepare a proper condition for researchers and thinkers.

The museum announces its readiness to print and publish Quran and Islamic books and manuscripts through preparing all required technical and specialized facilities to prepare a condition in which all people are able to enjoy from accessing and studying such priceless resources.

Thus, hereby, all esteemed users are invited to submit their unpublished manuscripts to this centre for publishing. After initial examinations, the owner is invited for concluding contract and initial agreements with the centre and finally necessary strides will be taken for publishing the book.

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