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We are an internationally recognised company that has dealt in only the finest quality arts and crafts holding cultural and historical significance.

For over sixty years we continue to serve both buyers and sellers with valuations and illustrations on even the most unique items. Whether for a single piece or a collection, for storage or decoration, for your house or place of work we have a team of multilingual experts who are always available. Our team has a combined native fluency to conduct business in English, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish, please inform a staff member if you would prefer to speak in any of the aforementioned languages.

With over six decades of dealing in a variety of antiquarian and fine arts, we have amassed a collection open to the public (appointment needed) at our showroom in Wembley, London.

Our goal has remained consistent throughout our history which is to ensure we house the finest collection of antiques, arts and rugs served with integrity, competitiveness and honesty.

What we do

We deal in a wide range of items, mainly Persian, Egyptian and Oriental items spanning from the 13th to the early 20th century. Our highly significant collection of archaeological and anthropological findings with Persian and Arabic origins are among the rarest in the world and the work of three generations of buying and selling.

The vast range consists of: Cultural and historical manuscripts, rare textile, carpets, stamps, Masonic objects, clocks, coins, scientific instruments, modern and antiquarian fine arts, Islamic arts, paintings, prints, furniture, ceramics, glass, metal work, and sculptures.

Our expertise

Latif International Ltd source rare fine arts and antiques on behalf of our clients particularly Banks, Insurance underwriters, other Financial Institutions, private and public museums and also those who consider the antiques and fine arts as excellent alternative investments. 

We are probably the first provider, adviser and investment consultant of a wide selection of rare antiques, and fine arts to the Financial Institutions, museums and corporate or individual investors both for collections and investments purposes.

We are working on a research project for and on behalf of our clients and we are bound by confidentiality and never disclose the name of our clients, and we consider all client affairs are held in the strictest of confidence.  Our highly experienced team of valuers and assessors are expert in the appraisal of all eras, particularly Persian and Oriental antiques and ancient handicrafts.

We provide global market news on daily basis and our team of experts have undertaken the supply and services of sourcing antiques and fine arts for the banks and other financial establishments.   Our team of experts whether for modern fine arts or antiques have undertaken over 1000 investments package on short and long term basis with minimum risk of loss and better return rate and correlations to the financial markets and bankers.

Our service to source and supply the antiques and fine arts is based on  transparency  with no hidden cost on items for the purposes of investment and this drive remains at the heart of our target and strategy.

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